Best, essential bodybuilding supplements for muscle gain, Hindi

Best & Essential bodybuilding supplements for gain muscle fast


A good muscular body can be achieved with good workout and a good workout routine depends upon good diet and nutrition.
And thats why for good and heavy workout, extra nutrion is needed for

  • Extra Power, strength, endurance 
  • Fast Muscle repair / recovery & 
  • Building new muscle tissues

And for meeting this extra requirement of nutrition, food supplements in addition with primary diet plays an important role 

In this article and video, we will talk about 5 best & essential supplements which will help you in fulfilling your wish to build good muscles.

List of 5 essential Bodybuilding Supplements:

1) Creatine

  • First supplement in the our list of essential bodybuilding supplements is Creatine.
  • Creatine gives extra energy, strength and endurance during workout, so that you can do extra workout set without fatigue.
  • It bring the muscle in anabolic state by keep the muscles hydrated which is very much important for muscle building
  • Most important thing is that this supplement is not at all expensive and 100% natural and safe too.

To know more about CREATINE click here

2) BCAAS OR branch chain amino acids.

  • BCAAs is nothing but the combination of 3 Essential Amino Acids Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine.
  • Leucine helps in stimulating protein synthesis in body which in turn help in restricting muscle breakdown during a heavy workout
  • Isoleucine do faster muscle recovery and also very beneficial in recovering from the workout injuries. Also it stimulates growth hormone release which is very much essential for muscle building.
  • Valine gives the extra energy during excessive training 
  • All these qualities and benefits of BCAAs makes it a good INTRA WORKOUT supplement.

3) Whey protein 

  • Whey protein is a high quality protein which get digest very easily 
  • It contains all Essential amino and it also one of the best sources for BCAAs
  • All amazing qualities of Whey protein makes it a best bodybuilding supplement for fast muscle recovery and muscle growth

To know more about WHEY PROTEIN click here

4) Omega 3 Fatty acids

  • Omega 3 increases overall muscle anabolism in our body which in turn increases protein synthesis which is very important for muscle gain
  • Omega 3 reduces the chances of muscle breakdown during the heavy workout by decreasing the level of stress hormone cortisol.
  • Apart from these qualities Omega 3 is also helpful in muscle recovery and helps in reducing the inflammation and swelling occurs during the heavy workouts.
  • It also give strength to the joints and save them from workout injuries.

5) Multi Vitamins & Minerals.

  • It has been seen that mostly people concentrate more on Macro nutrients like Protein, Carbs etc for bodybuilding & totally ignore Micro nutrients means Vitamins & Minerals which is totally wrong
  • Vitamins/mineral are very essential elements for muscle growth and recovery. To maintain good digestion system, immunity systems these are must and without good digestion or immune system its impossible to fulfilling the dream of bodybuilding.

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