Bodybuilding/Fitness supplement importers in India

Supplement Importers in India

There are only few bodybuilding or Fitness supplements’ importers in India who have have license to import known brand’s Bodybuilding and Fitness Supplement. For genuineness supplement importers paste their stickers on the supplement container imported by them. 


In this article we will share the list of licensed fitness supplements’ importers of major fitness supplement brands in India. This list will help you in buying genuine supplements. 


Following are the lists of some popular supplements’ importers in India like ON – Optimum Nutrition, MuscleTech (Muscle Tech), Muscle Pharm – MP, BSN, Ultimate Nutrition, Dymatize, Universal, Arnold’s Series, Nature’s Best, EAS, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, Weider, Nutrex, Muscle Blaze (MuscleBlaze), Scivation, Labrada etc.


List of supplement importers in India for “ON – Optimum Nutrition” (Updated on 20-Jan-2017)

  • NEUVERA Wellness Ventures (
  • Neulife Nutrition (
  • ARC Distributors (,
  • Bright Lifecare (“HealthKart”) (
  • Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited (
  • Bright Commodities (

List of supplement importers in India for “MuscleTech” (Updated on 28-Nov-2015)

  • Neulife Nutrition India PLC (Online/Offline Retail only) Neuvera Wellness Ventures PLC (Exclusive Distributor of MuscleTech Essential Series) (
  • Vitamin Planet (
  • Muscle Pro Nutrition (
  • ARC Distributors (,
  • HealthKart – for online retail only (
  • Global Implex (

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List of supplement importers in India for “BSN”

List of supplement importers in India for “Ultimate Nutrition” (Updated on 01-Dec-2015)

  • Paradise Nutrition (
  • Polar Exim Pvt. Ltd. (
  • Kar Enterprises (

List of supplement importers in India for “Dymatize”

  • 121 world Exports (
  • Arena Impex (
  • Global Implex (
  • HealthKart – for online retail only (
  • Neulife Nutrition (


List of supplement importers in India for “Universal Nutrition” (Updated on 14-Aug-2016)

  • ARC Distributors (,
  • Muscle Pro Nutrition (
  • HealthKart – for online retail only (
  • Global Impex (
  • M/S Raj International (

List of supplement importers in India for “Arnold’s Series” 

  • Unlimited Nutrition (

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  • Unlimited Nutrition (

List of supplement importers in India for “EAS”

  • Unlimited Nutrition (

List of supplement importers in India for “Ronnie Coleman Signature Series”

  • 121 world Exports (
  • Arena Impex (
  • Global Implex (
  • HealthKart – for online retail only (
  • Neulife Nutrition (

List of supplement importers in India for “Weider”

  • Paradise Nutrition (

List of supplement importers in India for “Nutrex” 

  • Muscle Pro Nutrition ( 

List of supplement importers in India for “Scivation” 

  • Muscle Pro Nutrition ( 

List of supplement importers in India for “TwinLab”


List of supplements importers in India for “Labrada”

  • Muscle Pro Nutrition (, Contact No. – 022-6708 7377 / 78 / 79)

List of supplements importers in India for “BPI Sport”

  • Redasoft Enterprises LLP

List of supplements importers in India for “MyProtein”

  • Paradise Nutrition (

List of supplements importers in India for “SAN Nutrition”

  • Paradise Nutrition (

Always check respective Distributor’s sticker on the supplement you are buying to ensure the genuineness of supplement.

Also see How to identify original or fake supplements in India.

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  • anilsoni11

    Can I purchase safely from or

    • Hi,

      I have heard about but never heard of But whenever you purchase a food supplement the principles would be the same as I mentioned in the article and video.


  • Ss

    Hi Atul, please guide. I purchased ON creating powder from a local chemist shop. Nuevera Wellness Ventures sticker is pasted on cap.

    1. I Google and find through various links that there should be neulife sticker instead.

    2. I searched & found that ON logo should have TM superscript. But on my box it has R or more specifically ® instead of ™.

    3. There is no outer seal but inner seal is in good condition. Is outer seal expected to be there?

    Is it fake or genuine?


  • Shahbaz Khan

    Is it good to buy the TNC MUSCLE BLASTER.??
    Is it a good product??

    • Various Indian sites given good rating to this supplement. I personally don’t know much about it. But It dont have international recognition so I personally will wait for that day to use this.

  • Never tried it but its Look ok. Can give it a try but check all the parameters we have mentioned in our video =>

    For more updates subscribe to our site and join us on fb at

    Keep in touch.


  • Ritin Arora

    Hi, I am planning to open a supplement store in Bangalore. There are so many distributors for each brand. Are there any distributor’s who sell all brands? Please suggest.

    • Hi,

      There are several Wholesalers who sell all brands. But its quite difficult to keep their information. So you need to do exercise for it.
      Thanks & Regards…

  • Abhishek Tewatia Abhi

    Sir im buy a ultimate nutrition whey prostar by snapdeal but im little confused that there is importer name is kar enterprises but i know that in india importer of ultimate nutrition is paradise please sir solved my query

    • Yeah you are right. Its look suspicious as I inquired with ultimate nutrition management the wrote me back this on 30-Nov-2015

      At this time both Paradise Nutrition and Polar Exim are authorized importers of Ultimate Nutrition in India.

      So according to that it should have logo of either of these companies. According to me you should not take risk with this piece.

      • Abhishek Tewatia Abhi

        Dear sir i call them on there customer no . And they told me that u dont need to worry because we are now the offical supplier of ultimate nutrition and they send me there offical letter send by the ultimate nutrition company by u.s.a . When i opened the seal of protein and use 1 scoop i think its original.because i already use 6 whey protein of these brands which is genreally imported by the paradise nutrition .so please sir give me some advice

  • Buddy finally got the reply from ultimate Nutrition. Kar enterprises is an authorized dealer.
    Management is silly as I asked them a list of all importers but they never provide but when i ask about any importer they confirm.
    Whatever I also updated list on my site too. thanks to u.

    • Abhishek Tewatia Abhi

      So Now sir can i used this product ultimate nutrition whey prostar by kar enterprises without any worried.

      • No doubt you can… LOL

        • Abhishek Tewatia Abhi

          Thank you very much sir.

          • You are welcome buddy. Keep in touch and join us on fb and subscribe to our youtube channel and our site for regular updates

          • sandeep

            I too bought the ultimate nutrition from snapdeal which happened to be imported by kar enterprises . When I compared the manufacturing and importing date , the latter was post the manufacturing date which is not possible which brought me to a conclusion that the product was fake. I would recommend this to you too .

          • Good catch dear. I mentioned earlier too that registered user of snapdeal sell their product and god know what they are selling. So, always keep your eyes open and check every aspect of it. and if possible check all the parameters I have mentioned in my video.
            Its better to buy it from you known supplement dealer and ask for a bill always or goto neulife etc. they will charge a bit higher but gaurantee that u will get the genuine stuff.
            Good work buddy.

          • Rishi

            I just received my ultimate nutrtion prostar whey protein which has been imported by Kar Enterprises. The manufacturing month is 8/15 at the bottom of the container and import month is 7/15 on the sticker. I’ve attached the images. Could this be a fake product?

          • Hi Rishi,
            sorry for delayed response. Same query i got 3-4 days back via email and I got this message from the gentleman

            “Thanks a lot sir I called on 9820099541 he said, this is some print mistake in label instead of Aug supplier printed July, Now I am happy…. Thanks a lot you. you help me lot……………… ”

            You can also try this phone no. which I shared with him i.e. 9820099541 for KAR enterprises.


          • Hey Sandeep,

            Same query i got 3-4 days back via email and I shared with him Kar Enterprise contact no. after he talked to Kar enterprises I got this message from the gentleman

            “Thanks a lot sir I called on 9820099541 he said, this is some print mistake in label instead of Aug supplier printed July, Now I am happy…. Thanks a lot you. you help me lot……………… ”

            You can also try this phone no. which I shared with him i.e. 9820099541 for KAR enterprises.


      • Hey join us on fb at and share our page and site on our timeline and ask ur friends to share it further and like it. keep in touch for regular updates and videos.
        And also subscribe to our youtube channel.

  • Ashu Gupta

    HI, I have recently brought ON creatine monohydrate. The importer is NEUVERA Wellness Ventures. But the ON logo has R(Registered) written on it instead of TM(Trade Mark). Should I be concerned ?? also there is no 3D hallmark on it as well. Please help !!

    • R or TM you can get anything. Thats not an issue.
      Neuvera wellness means neulife and what i remember is that nueulife sticker always have vertical hologram on left corner of sticker. Need to check once. can you pls send the pic.

      • Ashu Gupta


        thank you for the concern and reply.Here are all the necessary images you have asked for.

        • It was a difficult case for which I had to discuss with my supplement distributor friends and came to know that there is a legal issue between neuvera and neulife due to which neuvera came up with their new MRP stickers without hologram from now. They said one can check genuiness by checking the expiry date on bottom of pack. All things are all correct just check for expiry on bottom.

          • Ashu Gupta


            Thank you for the feedback. I have also consulted Optimum Nutrition for the product and they have confirmed that the product is original.

            Thanks a ton for the support

          • you r welcome buddy. I also came to know a couple of new things bcoz of this case.
            Hey did you join us on fb and subscribed our channel. Help us in becoming a bit famous lol. share with your friends, invite them and bla bla bla. Any effort from you all guys will be highly appreciable and definetly motivate us to do more in this field.

  • Roger Mathew

    Please guide me,
    I m thinking of going for Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey 5.28lbs. This is going to be my first supplement and hence woudnt know if a fake one is given. Is snapdeal a trustworthy source to buy them? I have heard mixed opinions. Also healthkart has increased the price a lot and thats why im thinking of snapdeal. Do you know any good sites apart from this?
    Thank you in advance.

    • this is very tough question buddy as snapdeal dont sell through registered dealers and who is selling what you can only come to know once you get it. I have little faith in though its a bit costly but lesser chances of fake or by from neulife stores.

      • Roger Mathew

        Thank you very much. And can you please guide me how to find if the product is fake through taste? I want to be 100% sure that I have bought an original product 🙂

        • One can only identify the product is original or fake with taste if he/she ever tasted the original one ever else impossible to tell. So, in case you never tasted the original one then its almost impossible to identify using that method. Pls check with other parameters.



    • Wrong Question buddy.
      All the supplements with name “Big Muscles” are Indian supplement and the Manufacturer name is US Health Products ( One more thing FSSAI rejected on of their product in April 2015. Details are given below which you can check over net too:
      File Number – 173/2014
      applicant Name – M/s US Health Products
      Product Name – “Nitric Whey Protein(Big Muscles 100% Nitric whey Protein)”
      Date of Rejection – 25-04-2015


  • Lakshay Arora

    Which is the best protien for lean body?

    • For lean body protein is not enough. Get a stack of fat free carb free 100% whey protein + glutamine + BCAA + creatine.
      and most important your diet and workout plays a major role in that not only supplements. Supplements works best when ur workout routine is amazing and you have a good life style.

  • First of all thanks for the complement.

    If you look at mass gainers you will always find high calories in that I would suggest you too first take a simple whey concentrate protein with some herbs for natural muscle gainers like Gokhshura or ashwagandha. with these you can get good quality muscles too as they boost testosterone in natural way too which is very much necessary for muscle builiding. You can have a look at following videos for the same:
    For wieght gain:
    for testosterone boost:
    Meals for bodybuilders –

    As far as acne is concerned, May i know ur blood type? is it b+? if not is it O?
    Drink atleast 10-15 glasses of water in a day. it will help you.


  • Syed Nayaz

    Hi guys ! I am going to buy the whey protein isolate in next upcoming days so I am kinda in confusion after a much time of searching came to know u guys are the best in helping so kindly have a information about genuine store Neulife is an. Authorised supplement stores without fake supplements in Bangalore or not

    • No issues with Neulife. get it without thinking much.

      • Syed Nayaz

        Thanks Mate it means a lot for clearing my confusion..!!! Cheers

        • Join us on fb at and share our page and site on our timeline and ask ur friends to share it further and like it. keep in touch for regular updates and videos. And also subscribe to our youtube channel.

  • Nikhil Gupta

    Hi, I have bought muscle pharm Arnold series from eBay. Product doesn’t have importer sticker on it but all other things are there like lot no. Exp date at the bottom of container and a good packaging TM signs , inner seal everything. Should I use that or just returned it. I have contacted the seller in ebay and he said he directly source it from US. Is it possible?

    Should I use the Product. Please guide

    • Hey Nikhil,

      Supplier might have purchased the supplement directly . Now, it may be original or not. No surety and no one can tell that. Many people purchase the supplement from known suppliers who buy it from the grey market those are not fake and one trust them as they are known.

      If you are saying that everything is OK except sticker then its worth trying. But again no one say that its original or fake until unless he/she uses it.

      • Nikhil Gupta

        Hey, thanks for your inputs. I think i should try this at least.
        One more thing, the brands like Primaforce, GAT they dont have any importers in India. So how do we get these products?

        • you can’t or any of your friends or known or urself can get if you go out of this country.

  • Rahul Kumar

    Is global impex no longer an official importer of muscletech? i ordered muscletech nitrotech whey protein from amazon 3 days ago..the product has been shipped but not yet says the importer is global impex! what do i do?will it be genuine or am i better off cancelling the order?

    • Global Implex used to be the official importer as mentioned above. I stricked off it as its no more on muscletech side. I attached the screen shot too. It may happen that this supplier is having older stock which was imported by Global Implex. So, have a look at the import date too.

  • akileshraj

    Isopure is so costly in the dealers website than healthkart confused…

    • It generally happens but it doesn’t mean that healthkart is selling fake one. Some dealers like neulife sell the product on MRP but distributors get it on lower price and sell it on lower price.

  • Mustaq


    I am planning to buy Musclepharm Combat Powder 2.2 Lb.

    The only registered Indian disturbutor for musclepharm is Unlimited Nutrition there price is 4000 while Neulife is also selling it at 3200 even they r not registered distributors.

    So now the real advise I need is, I have found the same product in paytm pricing 3600 and as now paytm is giving 30% off on supplements it will cost 2500.
    But the Seller who’s selling this product in paytm named “Active lifestyle retail private limited” is not having any ratings, orders and reviews, not even much information about them in the Web.

    I emailed paytm saying the same and they r telling that the sellers and products associated with them are 100% genuine.

    I am getting doubts on the product genuinity.

    Please advise.

    • You are right. As per the Muscle Pharm there is only one registered IMPORTER in India i.e. Unlimited Nutrition but that can be sold by anyone whether its neulife or anyone else. But whenever you buy it from anyone the container should have Unlimited Nutrition’s sticker on it logically. So, better go with neulife and get a bill. You can also purchase it from paytm in case they have return policy in case of fake.

      • Mustaq

        Thanks for the advice… Paytm is having both return and refund policy for this product. I will give a chance to this and will upload pics here once I receive and please at that time tell me Wheather the product is genuine or not by looking at its pics.

  • tony

    Can we buy natures best isopure from healthkart even though u haven’t mentioned it ?

    • Answer is YES.
      Actually is a retailer too. But logically when you buy it from healthkart it should have importer sticker which is according to nature’s best is “Unlimited Nutrition”


  • Rishabh Singh

    hey how can i import supplemnts in india?

    • That I dont know dear. There may be some paper work involved. Will try to check with known but cant gaurantee.

      • Rishabh Singh

        thanks for the reply sir ,awaiting your response

  • aijaz mahmood

    Hi, I am looking for rsp nutrition product, May i know how and where can i get their products??

  • Kaashif shah

    Hey guyz m bit confused m planing to buy online on whey protien but m confused from which site i should buy it ? Becoz so many sites sell fake supplement guyz help me n suggest me

  • Rishabh Singh

    sir can you share your email id

  • Husain

    I am planning to buy protein supplement, as my instructor guide me to buy Myprotein supplement. I asked my instructor if buy muscleblaze or muscletech or any good protein online but he replied of not to purchase it from online, some of his known got kidney damage of using duplicate supplement from online.
    So i am very confuse of which type of protein i go for. i had Mutant mass gainer and then Cyto lean mass gainer from him. I also have been to supplement retailer who guide me to buy isolate protein.
    I wanted to look few extra pound but very confuse of what to take.
    Kindly advice me to guide for buying protein supplement online or to go supplement house retailer or instructor provided.

    Thank you

    • better buy it from retailer personally if you know someone as you can then check its aspect whether its genuine or not. as far as muscleblaze is concerned you can buy it from and you will never get a fake one as they are official distributor of muscleblaze. And to be very frank I never heard that some damaged his kidney as the person buy the supplement online but yes one should be very much alert whether he/she is buying the product from either instructor, retailer or online.

  • Debasis Kar

    hei..want to know about testosterene boosters and how they help in bodybuilding.

  • Mohit

    Hey Bro,

    Can you help me in getting contact details of BPI Sports importer in india. I would like to buy their ISO HD.


  • rohan

    hello sir, i have ordered ON serious mass from on which i am getting 60 capsules of ON bcaa free , i wanted to know what exactly bcaa is ? to my limited knowledge i have heard that it promotes fatloss and weightloss. As i am an ectomorph weighing aroung 67 kg at 5.10 height , so i wanted to know should i take bcaa capsules with serious mass? my current target is to gain muscle mass! Thank You !!

  • Mahi

    I bought a cellucor cor whey protein from Neulife online. It has Neulife sticker with mfg and import date but it didn’t contain the Lot no and exp date(looked the whole jar). Is this a genuine product? Neulife is official importer for cellucor.

    • If you bought it from neulife then dont worry. chill.

      • Mahi

        Thanks.. But as I have read online the Lot no and exp date should be there on the jar and it is way to identify the genuine product. Also my gym trainer told me that the Neulife godown have been raided and found ON fake products. Is this true?

        • Lol never heard/read about this news. Please request him to share the details if he has some internal news.
          But yes its true that there are products with fake neulife stickers but fake supplement with genuine neulife sticker never heard. And i also agree there should be lot no and expiry date on the container for that you can contact the neulife management or supplement container. they will definetly reply you.

  • SupplementKart

    we supply sports nutrition products in wholesale rate in all over India. contact soon @9795499960

  • Sahil Mehta

    Helo sir suggest me whey protien medisys product is genuine or i take from neulife etc i heard on product also good ?? Help me

  • Shakeel Khan

    Hello Sir,

    I have just purcashed isopure 3lbs espresso from my trainer and in context to your video on real or fake supplements. I didn’t find any distributed sticker on my product.Is there any other way to check my products authenticity.

    Kindly pls let me know am I purchased the original isopure pro?


  • Buddy I dont know whats ur fitness target and whats ur current situation, You are slim or fat. And you want to gain muscle or mass. How can we suggest you anything without knowing all these basic details. You watch this video you will get a fair idea which one is suitable for you.

  • Nav

    Sir may u please tell who is the importer for myprotein supplements in india

    • As per our knowledge Paradise Nutrition is a sole importer of MyProtein till date.

  • sakthi

    Hi, I saw your video on fake supplements. I recently bought isopure from neulife. I did barcode scanning. It went to amazon website with 5 results with that code. Would that mean its fake? However i bought muscletech from Global Implex importers, i scanned the barcode it went directly to Muscletech website. please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    • Its a bit confusing I must say. You do one thing just send all these details to isopure itself. Normally these companies revert in 24 hrs. Also send the same query to neulife management. thats the best possible thing you can do.

  • it may happen that stock finished with the importer but the retailer have the stock. so thats not a big deal i guess. just check the supplement with the checklist provided.

  • Its a bit suspicious in this case so, better leave this option. Btw we now updated distributor detail of labrada. thanks for pointing out.

  • With this much detail and without having proper analysis we can say what is suitable for you on the fly. But yes if you doing good workout then no doubt you need good diet for muscle recovery and growth. you watch following videos, we are sure that you will get most of the ans in these videos

  • Kunal

    Hello Sir .I m 23,yrs old .weigh 76 kg and height is 177.8 ..
    My muscles are lean .I do normal exercise but can’t do continusly.. Plz suggest me sm home exercise and supplement for good muscles..

  • if you buy genuine protein supplement they dont have any side effect until unless you are not allergic to them. you can buy it online.

  • without knowing your target or motive we cant tell which product is suitable for you.

  • We check with with ultimate nutrition 1 month back and they confirmed that there are 3 importers in india. pls check the list.

  • You can check DAAKI products.

  • We know very well about Nutrilite but where to fit that in Importer list? Everybody know either a person can get it from ABO or as a registered customer. And there is no importer for it. And this article is all about telling the people about genuine importers of supplement so that they can check it before buying it.

  • ???

  • thanks buddy. be in touch and keep sharing. also subscribe to our youtube channel and like the fb page.

  • Asked the officials. They may revert in a day or two. then will share with you.

  • Asked the officials. They may revert in a day or two. then will share with you.

  • Shakeel Khan

    What does it mean if we scan the barcode of any brand protein and it will shows too many results?
    Is the original protein scan always shows the importer webpage? Pls confirm

  • we submitted query to the officials of BPI but didnt get any reply yet

  • they might have old stock. you can check it with pecan itself

  • we submitted query to the officials of BPI but didnt get any reply yet

  • Shailesh Kelshikar

    hi sir i wanted to know that DAAKI brands Supplements are Good Or It is Just Fake Brand…??? and as they promising result in six week and unload for one week… are they have steroids in their supplements ?????

    • I used it personally as i mentioned in my video too. they use various herbs too so may be bcoz of that they mentioned it. No steroids for sure.

  • sorry dont have any idea abt this

  • its genuine ofcourse as you are checking it from their own site. question should be like this “is it worth or not”. So my answer is I never heard about this company so dont know much but they have Whey protein category too. but still dont know about this company or their product so cant quote anything.

  • Your saviour

    Sir, I’d like to know reviewsfor Neuvera. The importer seemed to be genuine but I needed an option apart from Neulife.

  • Unlimited Nutrition (

  • rather go for davisco. you will get that cheaper if you wanna take mff80

  • Manish pratap Singh

    I want to loose weight approx 10kg.. Do i need to take fat burner or Protein..? I have no idea.. Please help me out. (Heigh is 5’9, Weight is approx. 74 kg)

  • Syed Dawood

    I have purchased ON serious mass 6lb chocolate from it comes with a sticker of bright commodities but without the inner seal! Is this product genuine? Is healthkart a genuine site?

  • dont have any idea abt this product

  • dont know about this site

  • acc to muscle tech list of importers in india they dont have global impex now in their list. They used to have it earlier

  • Sanchit Jain

    can u plz tell me who is the importer of bpi series in india ….and also for a whey hd protein how many boxes are there according to the weight ?

    • Hi, I send many mails to bpi but never got any reply from them. Buy according to my knowledge ARC Distributors India Pvt. Ltd. is an official distributor of BPI series in India.

  • sandeep gautam

    hello sir i want to open my supplement shop in delhi can you suggest me distributer in delhi jo mujhe supplement provide kera de please help me

  • Kei

    sehdev supplements
    I just bought ultimate nutrition from this seller on ebay.But the strange thing is there is no importer sticker on the 5lb container.Haven’t opened it yet.what do you think.Kindly reply ASAP

  • Bharat Gupta

    I have bought ultimate nutrition whey protein from my local market which dont have any sticker. But the product was sealed well is the product is genuine?

  • no one can tell without seeing it and if there is no sticker then its more difficult you can scan the barcode to check too.

  • sticker kiska hai?

  • importer’s address will be indian address only buddy as importer ot indian hi hoga na. you misunderstood i guess.

  • you might find it on any online shoping site

  • check for barcode and importer seal. and you can ask for a bill too

  • himanshu

    Sir can you please tell me the name of BPI sports authorized importer.

    • Redasoft Enterprises LLP
      and abhi shayad ARC enterprises and polaris bhi hai

  • you can buy from anywhere but importer must be out the 3 i have specified in post