Bodybuilding tips for beginners & teens | How to gain muscle fast, Hindi

Bodybuilding tips for beginners & teenagers


It has been observed that majority of the population visits gym for good physique and health but they get frustrated as they do not get desired results.  The main reason for this is lack of knowledge or absence of right knowledge.

In this article, we will share those 15 important bodybuilding tips for beginners which will help you at initial phase of bodybuilding for beginners.

1) Choose the right gym – The foremost thing in bodybuilding tips is to choose the right gym. While choosing gym one should pay attention to its location, environment, available trainer, equipment etc. You can watch following video for details on “How to select a good gym”.

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2) Choose a good gym partner (if possible) – Second important tip out of 15 bodybuilding tips is to make a good gym partner. But yes be careful white choosing a gym partner. He should have the same fitness goals that you have set for yourself so that you can work out together.

Your partner must be serious enough about the fitness otherwise you will also lose your target. A serious fitness partner will be motivated himself and will keep you also full of motivation.

3) Do full body workouts – Avoid single body part exercises for at least one month and focus on mix body part exercise.

Focus on compound exercises like squats, deadlift, chin-ups, bench press exercises as they help in toning multiple muscles together and are helpful in making the muscle fibers strong.

Include cardio and interval training from the day one as they are essential to increase stamina and making the respiratory system strong

Do not repeat same exercise instead keep them changing on regular basis.

Usually gym beginners start doing heavy weight exercises out of enthusiasm which is totally wrong practice.

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4) Right technique over heavy weights – In the beginning pay attention to right technique of doing things instead of doing heavy weight exercises.  And slowly start picking up heavy weight exercises with correct techniques as the muscle grows strong.

5) Warm-up is must before workout – It is essential to go for a warm up session before workout session. A good warm-up makes the muscle flexible enough so that the chances for workout injuries are negligible. Apart from this a good warm-up body helps in producing hormones which provide energy to the body. And also prepares you mentally for the workout session.

6) Stay hydrated during workout – During workout keep body hydrated by drinking water in-between.  It will give energy to body for workout and you will feel less tired. By drinking water in-between the workout you will save yourself from injuries and cramps. During workout and post workout Stretching is another essential thing to keep in mind.

7) Do streching during/after the workout – Stretching saves muscles from inflammation which is a result of workout. Besides it helps in retaining and increasing flexibility, strength and endurance of muscle and most important function of stretching is muscle recovery.

8) Don’t over train – Do not over train body in newly found interest of body building. Keep workout session of a duration from 45 to 60 min else you will face muscle injuries, cramps, etc and over training of muscle adversely affects growth.

9) Never ignore your injuries – Always be watchful of any injury in body and get it treated instantly. Never ignore it and speak to your doctor or trainer about it.

In case there is a need for medication or rest, please do take without hesitation. For a good physique a healthy body is essential and only with a healthy body one can make good physique so do not take risk for making a good body.

10) Good & healthy diet & nutrition & 11) Adequate Sleep – A healthy and balanced diet is essential for bodybuilding and similarly a better is the key to success.

Please be advised that muscles do not grow in gym as weight training only promotes muscle growth. In actual muscle growth depends on good diet and the recovery time we give to our body.

In a nutshell, for building muscle we need a sleep of 7-8 hours with a balanced and healthy diet.

Do watch our video’s on Bodybuilding foods, diets, supplements etc which will help you in gaining insights on body building tips.

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12) Make step by step achievable targets – This is one of the most important out of all bodybuilding tips. Do not dream absurd to be hero just after joining the gym. Instead do it in step wise achievable targets so that you are motivated enough and positive I approach.  

13) Follow only your trainer & 14) Get inspired but don’t copy One thing which is quite obvious in beginners when they join gym , they are prone to others advice and changes schedule of their own.

They blindly start following advice of senior member with a god physique and finally unable to follow none which give birth to negative results.

We are here to advise you that follow your coach and get inspired by people with god physique. Keep doing exercise and do not become a copy cat otherwise you will bear its consequences later.

15) Have patience and be regular – Last & important tip out of 15 bodybuilding tips for beginners is that a good body is not a result of overnight efforts. Please be patient and do not over exhaust your body to get fast results.

The route for body building is patience, dedication, and discipline. The results are sure if you adhere to them so have patience.  

Fitness rockers team is always there to help buddies so you guys keep it up with dedication and give your best

We hope that information given in this article will help you in achieving your desired target.

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