Easy & fast Weight Loss with natural home remedies

Easy & fast Weight Loss with natural home remedies


Obesity or being over weight is a disease which not only effected India but whole world is also effected. As per an article published on www.bbc.com dated 29 May 2014 (Source: The Lancet), India is ranked third in obesity.

Obesity  is common factor for many diseases like High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Blood Vessel damage, Heart Attack, depression etc. Other than these lack of confidence, Hormonal imbalance (which can lead to sexual problems)problems in relationships are also some major side effects of obesity.

There are 3 major high level reasons for obesity i.e. wrong eating habits , no exercise habits and wrong life style. Further, there can be other reasons too like metabolic disorder, genetic reasons or due to side effects of medicines

In this article, we will talk about some proven natural or home remedies or weight loss foods which will help in weight loss and also help in controlling the insulin which a major reason of weight gain. These natural remedies are very effective and will definitely give you positive results in very short time. Following are those remedies:

  • Take 1 glass of lukewarm water
  • Put 10-12 drops of lemon juice into it
  • then put 1 teaspoon honey into it
  • Now stir it well 
  • Drink it every morning empty stomach.
  • Take 1 glass lukewarm water
  • Put 1 teaspoon of black pepper in lukewarm water
  • Then put 10-12 drops lemon into it and
  • finally put 1 teaspoon honey into it
  • Now stir it well.
  • Consume it twice a day for 2-3 months
  • Recommended to drink it between you mail meals.
  • Take 500 ml water
  • Put 1 teaspoon of Triphala powder into water (You can buy it from any ayurvedic store)
  • Now heat it up for 5 min
  • Finally put 1 teaspoon honey in to this hot water for taste
  • Now stir it well.
  • You can take it twice a day (its also good for intestine)
  • Take 400 ml of water.
  • Take approx 1 inch portion of Ginger and crush it
  • Put the crushed ginger in water and boil it
  • Now put 2 teaspoon lemon in to the boiled water
  • You can take it any time.
  • Black ChickPea (Kala Chana) is also a very good Weight Loss food
  • You can make Black ChickPea’s (Kala Chana) sprout and have it as breakfast OR
  • Mix Black ChickPea’s (Kala Chana) flour in regular Wheat Flour and make chapatis (Missi Roti) i.e is also beneficial for Weight Loss
  • Cabbage is another very effective Weight Loss food
  • Have 1 bowl of chopped cabbage daily.
  • It helps in controlling insulin or sugar level and restricts the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates int fat.

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So friends these were some of the most effective natural home remedies for weight loss. Further, I suggest everyone to include physical exercises (also see Tabata – Best 4 mins Fat Loss Workout) too in your daily routine to tone up body and to not only target for weight loss but also for total body fitness (also see Fitness, its necessity and tips to improve fitnessSample Diet Plan for Weight Loss , 15 Tips for weight loss)

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best of luck. Stay Fit… and Let the fitness rocks

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  • Sunder

    Hi, thanks for the article. It appears that Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Lemon, Honey, Mint Leaves, Ginger, Pepper, Curry Leaves, Garlic boosts burning of fat and help in weight loss.
    Will it do good if I could boil water by adding Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Mint Leaves, Ginger, Garlic, Curry Leaves, Pepper for 10 minutes and leave it over night. Then in the morning filter it, add Lemon and Honey and drink it like a soup.
    Kindly advice.

    • Hey Sunder,

      I never used this kind of experiment so not sure about its results.
      I will suggest you not to do these kind of experiment on you. Better go with proven home remedies suggested by Ayurveda.


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