Identify fake supplements & original supplements in India (Hindi)


How to identify fake supplements in India

Bodybuilding and fitness is getting popular rapidly in India due to which business of Bodybuilding/Fitness supplements (e.g. Protein powder, Mass gainers, pre-workouts etc.) has became a very profitable business in very less time

For making extra profit out of it, fake supplement distributors floated fake supplements in Indian market. Currently approx 60%-70% bodybuilding supplements in market are fake or coming from Grey Market and unfortunately it is very hard to identify supplements without having knowledge about it.

In this article and video, we are sharing 10 simple points so that you can easily identify fake bodybuilding supplements. We will also discuss about the possible solution for this fake bodybuilding supplement problem.

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10 easy ways/steps/tips, how to identify fake supplements in India:

1. Be alert while purchasing popular brand’s supplements

More the supplement is popular or in demand there are more chances that supplement will be fake because fake supplement distributor generally make fake supplements of brands which are very popular or more in demand. So, always be alert while purchasing popular or in demand supplements.

Note: Some of the major popular brands are ON – Optimum Nutrition, MuscleTech, Muscle Tech, Muscle Pharm – MP, BSN, EAS, Ultimate Nutrition, Dymatize, Universal, Arnold’s Series, Nature’s Best, Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, Weider, Nutrex, Muscle Blaze, MuscleBlaze, Scivation, Labrada etc.

2. Always check the distributor logo on supplement container

There are only few importers who have license to import supplements in India. And when they import supplements they paste their stickers with information like import date, mfg. date, expiry date, rate etc. on supplement containers as genuineness declaration.

So, whenever you go for buying a supplement always check that:

  • Supplement container must always have licensed supplement importer’s sticker and the same should not be tampered.
  • Not all supplement importers import all the supplements. There are different supplement importers or common supplement importers for different supplements. So, whenever you go for buying a supplement, first find out who all supplement imports have licence to import that in India (please visit this link for List of licensed supplement importers in India) and check whether the supplement container have the sticker of one of the authorized supplement importer or not. This is most simplest way to identify the fake supplement.

3. Check lot no., mfg. date, expiry date for genuineness of supplement

Majorly all the supplement companies print information like lot no., mfg. date, expiry date etc. on neck or bottom of the container. So, to identify fake supplements you can check it by

  • Matching Mfg. date printed on supplement container with the mfg. date given on Importer’s sticker or
  • Send a query via mail (with lot no., mfg. date, expiry date) to the supplement importer or to supplement company to confirm that you have purchased an original supplement or not.

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4. Check the quality of packaging and labeling

International supplement companies pay extra attention on quality of packaging & labeling but fake supplement makers don’t do such quality check on packaging and labeling and generally make mistakes. So, whenever you purchase a supplement have a glance over following things to identify fake supplements

  • Check the supplement company’s logo, 
  • Check that TM is there or not,
  • Look keenly for any Spelling mistakes ya Grammatical mistakes and
  • Quality of printed labels

5. check the protection Seal

All supplement companies use different style of seals to lock the container lid. So, before buying any supplement check its current seal style on internet and match it while purchasing the supplement. There are couple of things which you should keep in mind other than this are:

  • Never buy a supplement which don’t have seal on lid or its broken
  • Check the seal’s quality too and in case you find any issue with seal’s quality refuse to buy that.

6. Check the Barcode on supplement container

To identify fake supplements or original supplement, you can scan the barcode given on supplement container with any barcode reader application available for your phone and check the same with the Supplement company’s website. Additionally, never ever buy a supplement in case its barcode is tampered.

7. Check the supplement’s inner seal

After opening the Supplement’s lid always check the quality of seal on containers’s top. In case it’s not well pasted or roughly pasted then there are bright chances that its fake.

Apart from that some companies use their logo or name on inner seal so, just check the internet once to know what kind of print they are using for inner seal and match it once you open the supplement’s lid to identify fake supplements.

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8. Mixability.

All supplement have different mixability. Some times high quality supplements have bad quality of mixability. So, there are following 2 ways to identify fake supplements:

  • If you already used the supplement you have purchased and know about the mixability of the supplement and you are not getting the same result with the supplement you have purchased then there are chances that the supplement you have purchased is fake and
  • In case you never used the supplement you have purchased then check and read the user reviews on internet about the mixability of the supplement  and if you are not getting the same result as mentioned in reviews with the supplement you have purchased then there are chances that the supplement you have purchased is fake.

9. Taste.

  • Just like mixability, if you already used the supplement you have purchased and know about the taste of the supplement and you are not getting different taste with the supplement you have purchased then there are chances that the supplement you have purchased is fake and
  • In case you never used the supplement you have purchased then check and read the user reviews on internet about the taste of the supplement  and if you are not getting the same taste as mentioned in reviews with the supplement you have purchased then there are chances that the supplement you have purchased is fake.
  • One more important thing is that mostly fake supplements comes in either chocolate or strawberry flavors so better to use/try other flavors as a precaution.

10. Ingredients

Fake supplements makers use cheap ingredients which are dangerous for ones health.

Generally fake supplements makers use cheap steroids or mix soy powder in supplements. So, in case you feel awsum results suddenly after the consumption of supplement or feel sudden muscle loss then in both the scenerios there are bright chances that you are having a fake supplement.

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Possible solutions for this issue:

  1. Always take bill for your supplement
  2. Always purchase supplement from genuine and trusted shops or dealers.
  3. Generally we take advice/guidance from gym instructors or gym owners about which supplements we should have. And more often gym instructors or coaches suggest some supplements and promise to make it available at cheaper rates. These are usually fake products from grey market. Be cautious if your trainer or gym owner is trying hard to convince you to buy a particular brand of protein supplement. In this situation you can take following steps:
    • Identify fake supplements
    • In case you purchase the supplement from your gym owner, instructor or coach then always ask for a bill.

Friends, detecting or identifying fake supplements is very difficult but I am sure that aforesaid pointer and steps will help you to identify fake supplements and escape you from any fraud related to fake supplements.

Note: The aim of this article is not to create fear in your mind but to educate you to choose supplement wisely

Stay safe… Stay fit… and let the Fitness Rock

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  • Raj

    I buy 1 supplement n in 5 to 6days my weight reduce from 76 to 72 kg.

    & now feeling very danger to intake supplement.

    I dont want to loss weight, i want to maintain my weight & also want to maintain my body.

    Please suggest me what to do?


  • Sunny

    I purchased 12Lbs Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass (Weight Gainer) online from they gave me 33% off. It comes in a big pouch/plastic sack so there is no chance to identify it by inner seal it doesn’t have inner seal so how should I identify its fake or original. And I saw many YouTube videos they didn’t have importer sticker on back if I don’t have that sticker so its a fake? Please help me

    • It must have a importer sticker and in case of ON following are the authorized importers in India:
      NEUVERA Wellness Ventures (
      Neulife Nutrition (
      Bright Lifecare (“HealthKart”) (
      Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited (

      In case its not present then there are high chances that its fake.


  • Tushar G

    I am planning to purchase Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein from . Is it really genuine seller ? I read online that product bought from it are fake. Or should I buy from where it is expensive ?

    • Yes, Paradise Nutrition ( is only importer of Ultimate Nutrition in India till date. You can buy from them without any doubt.


  • Tushar G

    I am planning to buy Ultimate Nutrition 100% Whey Protein from . Is it a genuine seller ? Or should I buy from ? The product on healthkart is bit expensive though.

    Please help in this regard.

    • Yes, Paradise Nutrition ( is only importer of Ultimate Nutrition in India till date. You can buy from them without any doubt.


      • Ashish

        I am purchasing Ultimate nutrition & the importer is KAR Enterprises and Importer date is 07/15, is this a genuine product was KAR an importer of UN then.

  • vikas


    Can you please tell me if the following sellers are original/fake?


    – Laurels india

    – Trimlife store

    – Patient care point

    PayTm is offering good cashback offers. So kindly guide me.




    • Hi Vikas,

      There is no harm in buying any supplements from any where but it should be imported by the authorized dealer of Ultimate Nutrition only. When you get the delivery of your supplement, it must have atleast the logo of the dealer who imported it. You can check the authorized dealers for Ultimate Nutrition here


  • Ben


    Firstly, a big salute for having provided such a good article. It really helps. Also, please help me in getting the best Whey protein.


    I cannot spend much money like the case of Optimum nutrition or muscle blaze. Please suggest an Indian brand and also tell me if I can rely on them.

    Awaiting your response eagerly.

  • Naidu

    hi.. is muscle blaze whey protein safe? Where to buy it from: company website or paytm or healthkart? paytm is cheapest but I find it fishy. And last question: Is Aquamarine it’s authorised seller??

    • Aquamarine Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is actually (see headquaters address here and HealthKart launched muscle blaze so its safer to buy it from

      btw keep sharing post and video as much as possible.


    • Hussain_8446436111

      I personally dont feel that MB is a real genuine product. Tried it for a long time till i came across ON and experienced wonders to my physique. But before reviweing a product, one should describe his physical attributes and parameter. So, being an ectomorph,I dint notice much weight gain with MB but yes, it helped me maintain my weight without gains. Then i tried ON serious mass and gained around 5-6kgs from 12lb bucket. So technically it all depends on your body type and workout and eating methods and lifestyle. Thats all, Thanks for reading.

  • sourabh j

    sourabh licensed supplement importers in India.

    on mass gainer product

  • Hi,
    There are numerous retailers, suppliers and sites who are selling dietary supplements. No one can identify whether a retailer is selling the right product or not with its name or site until unless product dont come in our hand.

    In this case you can only identify a supplement with the parameters defined in the video once you get the product in your hands.
    Or better buy from or etc.

    • nishant kumar

      I initially looked for the supplement in Amazon and its sold from the same seller(MuscleMantra). The supplement cost less on purchasing from

  • shaunak ghosh

    I have bought a muscle tech nitro tech supplement recently. There is no importer seal on the tub but the QR code matches with the original site. Is the product fake or original? Can a product be fake aftet the QR code matches?

    • This is sure that this supplement piece is not imported by any authorized importer in india for Nitrotech products. It might be imported illegally or it may be refilled in a genuine supplement container or it can be genuine. Noone can tell this. so better to take the supplement with bill.

  • Abhishek Iyer

    hey i bought optimum nutrition 100% gold standard from a local store here in mumbai, everything from the outside looked perfect, it had the arc distribution sticker, the external seal was intact with the hologram, the packaging looks fine, the exp/man date batch no and I even checked the bar code and it matches… but after i opened the external seal the inner seal was absent so I was just wondering if that’s an issue. i have not yet mailed the company about the batch no etc…

    • Its seems original as ON stopped giving inner seal. So, have it bindaas. you already checked its other parameters.

      and Hey join us on fb at and share our page and site on our timeline and ask ur friends to share it further and like it. keep in touch for regular updates and videos.
      And also subscribe to our youtube channel.

  • Hargovind

    hello, i bought Animal Muscle Nutrition size gainer, it had an inner seal on it. So I’m wondering if the product is genuine or not. Please help me identifying it, as i have bought it from my GYM instructor.

    • Animal Muscle Nutrition is a Desi Indian Brand. And no one make duplicate or fake of desi brands. There is hardly any chance that its fake but doubting its quality as its not a known brand. never heard of it before.

  • Nishit Sardessai

    I recently bought dymatize super mass gainer which was in a zip locked bag rather than a plastic container. Don’t know if it’s genuine or not. The quality of print at the back side is not that good. Even the lock mechanism has cheap quality plastic. Moreover there’s not a single picture of such a bag on their official site

    • you do one thing. take a close snap of Arena Implex’s sticker and printed Lot no and mfg/exp date and send it to Arena implex’s email id with your query. they will tell you whether its genuine or not. take a close pic of hologram atleast as even i can’t see it.

      • Nishit Sardessai

        Here’s the pic of the sticker. I called customer care at implex arena. They say that it’s genuine and its the new packaging. But there’s no sign of these bags on the dymatize official website

        • He said right. I inquired too with a couple of known suppliers and they confirmed that its a new packing and still not on site. so, dont worry.

  • Hardeep Jangra|home|10|;p:22|;c:15801|;

    plz sir this link show product original and fake tall me
    this product barcode temproray

  • Vicky Adhi

    I purchased on gold standard whey from healthkart. When i scaned the bar code, it direct me to the youtube page which is showing the advertisement of the optimum on gold whey.
    My question is, the barcode is suppose to show the advertisement or some other detail ?

  • Fahd

    I am planning to buy ultimate nutrition prostar! So is it safe to buy from paradise nutrition?

  • Mohit Verma

    Hie. Exactly after this article i am getting confused for the product i bought. Its bsn syntha 6 . Started the intake from yesterday. Please do let me know how would i go for the check. My no. Is 8860852688

    • What is reason of your confusion? which parameter is missing with your supplement? In case of any confusion you can send the query to the BSN itself to check the genuineness of the product.

  • Ambreen dhillon

    I am planning to buy nature’s best isopure protien from is it safe to buy or not..?

    • nobody can tell until unless you dont get supplement container then only you can judge its fake or original. just check it with the checklist. they are only retailers like any other retailer in the market so its very hard to tell about anyone.

  • Abhishek pal

    Hi sir , I am planning to buy optimum nutrition gold standard whey protein 10lbs but I am getting different rate form different shops from neulife it is 12400 from a general supplement store it is 11500 and another one is giving me in 9500 so what should I do ..? Plz help..!

    • you just check all its parameters of the supplement and get the cheapest one.

  • we can tell you about genuine importers and dealers only not about retailers as retailers are numerous these days and no one tell whether they are dealing in genuine products or not. so you have to carefully checks its authenticity with the parameters provided.

  • Mrinali Tiwari

    i bought endura mass chocolate flavour how to know its duplicate or not? does endura mass also come fake or not? because its indian brand

    • There are no complaints as such of fake of Indian Products yet.

  • Rahul

    Hi ,is grf whey protein is real ,tell me the choice it is available on amazon

    • never heard of this supplement before so cant say but reviews are really negative so better not to take risk.

      • Rahul

        It s name is mapple whey protein ,This is the supplement tell me views

        • Buddy we dont know much about this product. And never heard of it before. so cant say. also didnt find much about this product.

  • Sorry for delayed response. yes they are genuine importer of muscletech. check our list of authorized dealer too.

  • we have already given the checklist to identity. and a list of authorized importer of BSN too

  • ON stopped giving the inner seal way back. so no worries.

  • Maninder Singh Chatrath

    Hi Atul
    i just got my delivery of GNC 2200 Weight gainer from I think the supplement is fake. i just want to be sure coz the barcode scan doesn’t show any results. there was no company stamp on upper cap seal it was merely a transparent plastic seal which i have removed thats why u can’t see it in pics. and there is no inner seal present at all………im sending you pics as well. pls chk and reply……coz i need to claim the replacement soon…….

    • I am so sorry Maninder as i cudnt reply on ur query. I was out of town for a month. You should ask them or return them in case barcode is not working.

  • Dinesh Singh Rawat

    I have purchased ON PRO GAINER from shipped it from U.S.A. via DHL
    Their is no inner seal on the container.
    I have checked barcode, it redirects to ON website.
    But their is no information about the importer related.

    • ON discontinued the inner seal in protein supplements. So, it seems ok.

      Btw sorry for not replying on time as i was out of town for a month.

  • Mukund Choudhary

    It was a very informative video.I have recently bought muscletech premium whey protein from amazon(I have provided the link)..could you suggest if it is fake or original?
    Thank you.

    • You just check all the parameter as its difficult to know this way. product should be in hand then only one can judge.

      Btw sorry for not replying on time as i was out of town for a month.

  • dont know about this product. need to check.
    Btw sorry for not replying on time as i was out of town for a month.

  • It might be any indian brand so not aware.

  • never heard this name before. so cant say. is it indian product.
    Btw sorry for not replying on time as i was out of town for a month.

    • Prateik Roy

      GAT ka naam nhi suna? And running a fully fledged fitness website?

  • check all other parameters we have specified in the video and in case of any doubt post a query to the company itself. from which site you have purchased it?
    Btw sorry for not replying on time as i was out of town for a month.

  • ON replies in time. try again and also scan the barcode.

  • Raj

    Hello I have purchased a Masstech mass gainer from Vitamin .on the first time I buy supplement it’s good and tastes good as I brought milk chocolate flavour.but I surprised on buying second supplement pack same from Vitamin planet. In. Buy it tastes some how different and mixability is not as I brought the first product. What is your suggestions

    • cant say anything. it could be fake but not sure. check all other parameters too

  • what to check??

  • Dhunia Ramesh Chowdhary

    Sir I had bought 6 lbps optimum nutrition mass gainer all things are correct .but the inner seal was not there. when I called the importer he said that only outer seal is provided not inner one. do u any answer for this —–Im a beginner i used it for 20 days I didn’t found any result wat should I do plan help me out .thank u sir.

  • yes you can do and you can get the contact email address from their site too.

  • dont have any idea

  • bhanu

    Tell me place to buy on gold std genuine

    • you can buy it from healthkart, amazon or local vendor too but keep ur eys open and check all the parameters

  • Rajat Singh Dhull

    Good job sir really helping. Just one question
    I just bought ultimate nutrition iso sensation it’s distributor is “” arc distributors”” , I have attached the pic of it. Everything else is okay… Its just the distributor I want to ask you about ??

    • it looks great

      • Rajat Singh Dhull

        As you said about scanning the barcode of supplements I did it and found out that it was scanned in us first… So much relief now , I am having the original supplement , thankyou so much fitness rockers ✌️✌️

        • welcome

        • Dont forget to subscribe Fitness Rockers youtube channel. Also INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO SUBSCRIBE and JOIN US?

          • Rajat Singh Dhull

            Sure I will

  • parameters are almost same as mentioned in video

  • no one can tell you til the time u dont get the product