One Arm Dumbbell Row


One Arm Dumbbell Row

One Arm Dumbbell Row emphasizes the whole lat, the upper back, and the trap muscles. One Arm Dumbbell Row, are famous for getting that V-Shape in your back. Bent over one arm dumbbell row are compound, free-weight exercises that use many of your upper-body muscles. Similar to the bent-over barbell row.

Also Known As: Dumbbell Row, Chest-supported Row, Single Arm Row, Bent over one arm dumbbell row

LatsTargeted Muscle: Lats (Latissimus Dorsi)

Other Muscles: Rear Deltoid (Deltoid, Posterior), Biceps (Brachialis), Middle Back (Middle Trapezius), Rhomboids

Mechanics: Compound

Force: Pull

 Instructions for doing One Arm Dumbbell Row:

  1. Choose a flat bench and place a dumbbell on each side of it.
  2. Position yourself on the left side of the bench with your right knee and right hand resting on the bench.
  3. Bend your torso forward from the waist until your upper body is parallel to the floor
  4. Pick up the dumbbell with your left hand. Palm of the hand should be facing your torso. Pull your shoulder blade back while keeping your arm straight. This is the starting position for the exercise.
  5. Slowly pull the dumbbell up to the side of your chest and breathe out.
  6. Pause and squeeze your shoulder blades together and make sure that the force is performed with the back muscles and not the arms.
  7. Then slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position and breathe in.
  8. Repeat for desired reps.
  9. Then switch sides and repeat again with the other arm.


  • Your shoulder blades shoulder be pulled back throughout the set.
  • Pull the weight straight up while keeping your elbow tucked in. 
  • Focus on pulling the weight up with your back muscles and not your forearm.


  • Remember to look up, away from the lift. This will help prevent neck strain that comes from keeping your head down during the exercise.
  • Use slow and controlled movement – avoid “swinging” the Dumbbell up and dropping it quickly.


  • One-arm rows can also be performed using a high pulley or a low pulley instead of a dumbbell..


  • Sets: 4
  • Reps: 12, 12, 10, 10

Stay safe… Stay fit… Good Luck…


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