Quick & Simple Pre Workout & Post Workout Snacks

pre post workout snacks

Pre Workout & Post Workout Snacks


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are surely the three most important meals of the day. However, if you are squeezing in some gym time in your routine, your pre-workout and post-workout snacks have a tremendous impact on you body. You can nibble these healthy snacks without a big slice of guilt. These healthy snacks are key to reach your fitness goal faster and can help sustain the fit you for a longer time. Each body has a distinct requirement for nutrients depending on the needs and the goals to be met. These workout snacks given below will give you just the right proportion of required nutrients, that will fulfill your hunger, fuel workouts, and help in recuperation.

Pre – workout snacks:

1) Energy bars

Choose a granola bar as your grab-n-go healthy snack. They deliver all the nutrients required along with the right amount of fiber and healthy fats. What’s more, you can also make your own energy bars at home with your favorite nuts and fruits.

2) Low-fat yogurt parfait

Low-fat yogurt topped with granola and fresh fruits can be your delicious and healthy snack option ideal for pre-workout. The mix of whey and casein in yogurt will give you a combination of slow and fast-digesting proteins, delivering the amino acids essential for muscle building during a workout, making you ready for anything.

3) Smoothie

Not only smoothies are delicious, they are healthy too. Smoothies will give you energy, hydrate your body and keep you going throughout your sweaty session. Smoothies will provide with carbohydrates and protein and also deliver calcium that’ll promote proper muscular contraction. It’d be great if you could make your own smoothie with your favorite fruits.

Post-workout snacks:

1) Orange and boiled egg

You can have an orange and a hard-boiled egg as your quick-n-easy post-workout snack. Oranges are full of potassium and are high in water content. The carbohydrate from fruit will help in energy repletion. The protein-rich eggs help in muscle repair.

2) Veggies with quinoa and cooked chicken

This healthy snack will help squash your hunger after a rigorous workout, providing just the right nutrients that your muscles need. Superfood quinoa delivers carbohydrates (and some protein of course!), the veggies deliver antioxidants which have strong anti-inflammatory action and the lean chicken provides high-quality protein to fight muscle damage and promote repair.

3) Omelets and fruit bowl

Have an omelet made with two whole eggs and your favorite vegetables  a healthy snack to be consumed after a workout. Eggs deliver amino acid leucine, that stimulates the synthesis of muscle protein. The fruit bowl delivers carbohydrates, antioxidants and most importantly vitamin C, that helps in maintaining healthy cartilage.

Always remember to add healthy snacks in your pre and post workout meal to provide the right nourishment which is imperative to meet your exercise goals.

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