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Finding the right & good gym is a lot like finding a new restaurant. A good gym should suit your unique personality, and motivate you to come back and exercise on a regular basis. Unlike a restaurant, joining a gym is a large financial commitment, so it’s even more important that you research your options before signing on the dotted line.
What do you look for when you try to find a good gym? Here I will list 15 tips or checklist items which will be helpful for you to choose a right & good gym for you. 

1) Location of gym: 

  • You can find a good gym and get enrolled easily but in case gym is far away from your place then you will not be able to go on regular basis. So, always choose a gym which is near to your place.

2) Timings of gym operations: 

  • Always check whether gym operation timing is matching with your convenient and free time or not;
  • Also, check whether all facilities, trainers, helpers etc. are available at your timings or not.

3) Experience & Certified trainers at gym:

  • Always ensure that gym should have experienced and certified trainers who will set your exercise routine, diet chart etc according to you goal and health conditions;
  • Mostly gyms in India claims false that they have certified trainers so, check carefully and if need arises ask for trainer’s certification details.

4) Cleanliness/Hygiene at gym:

  • Purpose of going to gym is be fit and health but in case you find that there is no cleanliness or gym is not taking care of hygiene then that gym is obviously not for you or not for being fit and healthy at all.

5) Ventilation & Air Conditioning:

  • Majority of the gyms in India are under ground or totally closed which sans fresh air. Fresh oxygen supply is must  to do workout with perfect stamina so, proper ventilation and air conditioning is must at gym.

6) Good Gym Equipment

  • Gym should have all necessary equipment like proper weights, weight training machines, solo cardio machine so that you don’t have to wait for long for your turn;
  • Other equipment like jumping rope, yoga mats, resistance bands, medicine balls etc. should also available at gym.

7) Proper Space in gym:

  • Gym area should be big enough to accommodate all the members properly and 
  • Ensure that gym should have separate space for Yoga, Aerobics, Stretching  & other cardio activities and separate portion weight training. There should be ample space in gym.

8) Environment:

  • Gym should not be over crowded;
  • Always ensure that gentry should be decent so that you can do exercises comfortably;
  • Nice gentry is a must element specially in case of females.

9) Restroom(s):

Gym or Fitness center should have separate wash room and changing room.

10) Security Arrangements:

  • Security should be a concern too;
  • Normally we keep mobile, watch, wallet etc. with us so, gym should provide locker facility;
  • CCTV must be installed in the gym.

These were some high priority points which you should keep in your mind while choosing a gym for you. Lets talk about some medium or low priority points too.

11) Yoga & Aerobics facilities:

  • Your motive for joining a gym could be yoga or aerobics or any other fitness activity other than weight lifting, body building etc. So, always ensure that gym should have trainers and facilities for the activities you have opted for.
  • It has been observed that mostly gyms just use names of yoga, aerobics etc. for the same of promoting the gym but in actual they don’t have these facilities so, always ensure before joining.

12) Fees and Return policy:

  • Fees could be your biggest concern so, always compare the fees with other gyms;
  • Find out whether any gym have some latest offers which could be beneficial;
  • Always do bargain as its quite normal in India that there are bright chances that you get good discount from the gym or added facilities with same fees;
  • Always go for free trail first rather than take admission all of a sudden until and unless you are not fully sure about gym;
  • And never go for 6 months or yearly membership in beginning. Gym staff will show you various advantages of it and try hard to make you convince for it but it is suggested that for a couple of months pay monthly fees and experience gym’s facility closely and then take decision after analyzing.
  • Always inquire about gym’s refund policies. Ask how much you will get back if you discontinue in between.

13) Parking Facility

  • Mostly gyms don’t provide parking facilities which may create issues in long run so ensure that too.

14) Personal Training Facility

  • If you are interested in getting personal training then enquire in advance that whether gym have a experienced & Certified trainer or not.

15) Gym interior, LCD/LED screen, music system etc.

  • Gym’s interior, facilities like music system and LCD/LED screens etc. plays a big role in keeping you excited and energized . These things are of  low priority but still important 🙂

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Best of luck. Stay Fit… and Let the fitness rocks…

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