Transformation: Vivek M Sawant (How I gained muscle & weight)

Transformation Story How I gained muscle & weight - Vivek M Sawant

Vivek M Sawant’s Transformation Story “How I gained muscle & weight”. He proves that hard work, perseverance, and being realistic make the perfect recipe for getting the body and good physique you want. 


Vital Stats 

 Transformation Story  gained muscle & weight - Vivek M Sawant

Vivek M Sawant

Bhayander, Maharastra,
Mumbai, India








64 kgs

80 kgs

Transformation Duration

  • Start Date : Jun – 2015
  • End Date  : Still continuing


  • Bhushan Sir is great. He has lots of knowledge and number 1 nutrition expert in Mira-Bhayandar
  • Jeevan Sir is gold gym certified trainer always ready to help and 
  • Amrit Sir

Gym/Fitness Center

Bhushan Gym Bhayander, Maharastra, Mumbai, India

Why I decided to Transform my body?

Want to be fit and earn respect. 

Weight & Muscle gain Transformation Story - Vivek M Sawant

How I accomplish my goal (Gained muscle and weight)?

I have always been obsessed with my physique. I watch what I eat, never miss a workout

For me The gym isn’t a place to hang out with your friends; it’s a place to get aesthetic. There should be no messing around, no goofing off at gym. Also when I’m in the gym, if I feel as if I can do more reps than the workout says, I pump them out until I reach failure.

Diet was a huge factor in the way I have gotten my body today. Diet is a serious must if anyone wants to get results.

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 Supplements that helped me through the journey (Gained Muscle)

Didn’t use any supplements

Diet Plan that guided my Transformation (Gained Muscle)

Used to have normal diet and for protein I have milk products and eat Rajma Chawal (Rice and Kidney Beans)

Training/Exercises That Kept me On Track  


Body Part


Legs & Pec Deck Flyes




Back & Traps


Chest & Calves


Triceps & Biceps


 Back & Abs 



Weight & Muscle gain Transformation Story - Vivek M SawantWhat Aspect Challenged Me The Most?

Many people tried to stop me or discouraged and used to say that I can not do this 

How I feel or what I achieved after transformation? (Gained Muscle)

Now feel happy for myself as I have done something good to myself.

My Future Fitness Plan? (Gained Muscle)

Want to make body shredded and currently training to put up some lean mass.

Suggestions For Aspiring Transformers (Gained muscle)

In order to achieve your goals you must be obsessed and dedicated.

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