What are Steroids, its side effects & precautions/safety tips (Hindi)


What are Steroids, its Side effects & Safety tips

The obsession of pumped-up gym physiques and six-packs is leading a lot of young Indians to risk their health with Steroids without even having its knowledge or without knowing its dangerous side effects on a human body. Steroids use is very common among bodybuilders and athletes these days.

Lets understand:

  1. What are Steroids?
  2. What are Steroid’s Side Effects
  3. Things to remember during Steroid’s Cycle

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What are Steroids?

In medical terms, steroids are a class of drugs whose main ingredient is the male hormones or testosterone (Synthetic or man-made). Steroids increase the protein synthesis in the human body and help in increasing lean muscle mass and bone density even while stimulating the release of the growth hormone. Other good effects of steroids are:

  1. The body growth can be increased quickly with proper intake of steroid.
  2. The physical strength and stamina of person is increased to large extent.
  3. A person fells positive and more confident.
  4. The recovery rate of any injury is increased several number of times.

Now, lets have a look at the long list of side effects of steroids’

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What are Steroid’s side effects?

  1. The extra hormonal input can have a large impact on your mental state and due to that following common side effects of steroid’s may occur:
    • Aggressiveness
    • Depression
    • Mood Swing
    • Confusion
    • Anxiety
  2. Male Pattern Baldness
  3. Oily Skin
  4. Severe Acne and pimples
  5. Enlargement of facial pores
  6. Due to External input of testosterone which lead to increase in Estrogen level. Gynecomastia is caused from an increase level of Estrogen in the body and result in
    • Male breast
    • Itchiness, puffiness or increased sensitivity around the nipples
    • Lump in nipples etc.
  7. Steroids are known for raising the bad cholesterol and reducing the good cholesterol which cause a possible rise in blood pressure, increase the thickness of your blood and have adverse effects on blood clotting factors.
  8. Oral Steroids increases liver toxins and due to which liver get week and may damage.
  9. One of the common side effects of Steroids is High blood pressure and as Blood Pressure have a direct impact on kidneys there are always great possibilities of Kidney damage due to Steroids use
  10. During Steroid cycle specially with oral steroids following Stomach problems are very common
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Indigestion
    • Loss of appetite
    • Stomach Ulcer
  11. Due to extra testosterone dosage, level of testosterone increases far more than body requirement which results in total shut down of natural production of testosterone. This situation continues even after the completion of Steroids cycle and because of that following dangerous issue generally occurs:
    • Decreased sperm count
    • Shrinking of Testicles
    • Altered sex drive or libido
    • Infertility and Impotency
  12. Increased Hair growth on chest, beard or pubic area is also a common side effect of Steroids

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Things to remember if you are on Steroid’s Cycle?

  1. Good Diet: A good diet which should be a balance of fats, cards and proteins etc. is must during the steroid’s cycle. Your diet should be according to your goal and body requirement.
  2. Good Training Program: Without a good training program a steroids cycle is waste as for desired muscle growth its must. Your training program should be designed according to your body requirement and goal. And, its highly recommended that a beginner should not take steroids. A person should be doing workout for atleast 6 months and should have good knowledge of right techniques of workouts.
  3. PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) : PCT is the must and important part of any steroid’s cycle. PCT is necessary because of following reasons:
    1. In order to properly recover and keep the gains that you made while on cycle.
    2. Control levels of estrogen
    3. Re-activation of natural re-production of testosterone 
  4. Always consult a doctor
  5. Always take guidance of a Certified and Experienced Fitness Trainer who have great knowledge of steroid. He/she will help you with a diet plan, workout plan and decide the steroids cycle according to your body requirement and goal which is very important for a successful steroid cycle.

Finally, keeping in mind all above mentioned side effects of STEROIDS, we strongly suggest not to take steroid as these may be very dangerous and harmful for a human body.

Best of luck. Stay Fit, Stay healthy… and Let the fitness rocks


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